Android Phone Won't Turn On and Charging FIX

Android Phone Won’t Turn On and Charging. How to Fix? How do you fix an android phone that wont turn on? Why is my phone not switching on? What do you do when your phone freezes and wont turn on? How do you fix a Blu phone that wont turn on?

Android Phone Won’t Turn On

When using our Android phone in the normal way, or when we want to turn on the phone after charging it when it is discharged, the phone may sometimes not turn on. In that case, is my user phone broken? he might panic. But if your phone doesn’t turn on, don’t forget that it’s corrupted immediately. Before you take our phone to a workshop, do some testing, and maybe this will solve your problem.

Android Does Not Turn On Problem Solution

There are several reasons why your phone may not turn on. You can try to get a solution by applying the tests described below to your phone.

Your phone may be completely discharged.

This may be the reason if you are not charging the phone until it switches itself off. If you have fully discharged, leave the phone plugged in for a while.

Your Charger or Cable may be defective.

If your phone does not charge when you charge the battery after it is discharged, a problem with your charger may be caused. Try charging your phone with a different charging adapter and cable.

Phone is charging but cannot be switched on

In this case, the possibility of a dead battery immediately comes to mind. If your phone battery is dead, naturally the battery will no longer charge and the phone will not turn on. Most of the time, however, the phone can operate on a charge even if the battery is dead. If your phone battery can be removed, try removing it and charging it.

Screen failure

Your phone’s internal display may be broken or broken. Therefore, nothing may appear on the screen. In this case, you need to send your phone to a service.

If the unused phone does not switch on for a long time

Batteries have a lifetime. Whether you use your phone or not, the battery will run out over time. In this case, your battery is dead. You can take your phone to a workshop for a shock or a new battery.

Motherboard or Charger socket Problems

If your phone is not charging and cannot be turned on even if you use a different charger, we may have problems with the Motherboard, a piece of phone board burned out, or the Charging socket may be defective. In this case, you must send your phone to a service center.

Software crash or system error

Failure to turn on your phone or turn it on with Recovery Mode may be due to a software problem. in this case, you can format your phone or install original software. If you are not qualified, you can ask for help from someone around you who understands this job, or it may be better to take your device to a telephone operator.

Start your phone as Normal

If there are different texts on the screen, for example, Download Mode or Factory and so on. Press and hold the Volume Up and Power Keys on your phone. The phone will reboot itself.

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Install Stock Rom to Android Phone

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If you have a different problem or a solution, you can comment.

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