Format Huawei Phone, Hard Reset Huawei Phones

How to Factory Reset Huawei Phone, Format Huawei Phone, Guide to Hard Reset Huawei Mobile Phones, How to Hard Reset Huawei Devices? Guide to Restore Factory Defaults on Huawei Devices.

When Should You Format Your Mobile Phone?

Your Android phone may slow down in time or you may have some software problems. These problems are like “Android Interface has stopped working” or “Android Camera has stopped working”. And in such situations, formatting can solve the issues. Mostly, the problems occurs when you upgrade the system softwares or apply any rom changes.

There are two things to do in such situations. First one is to restore factory settings which “soft reset”, and the second one is to format which is “hard reset”. As you know, we can just restore factory settings from settings tab. However, this may not be enough to solve the problems sometimes. When Huawei devices doesn’t start up or stuck at starting screen, you can format your device through a mode called Recovery Mode.

Before hard resetting the phone, make sure that the batter is more than %50. Do not forget to back up all of your personal data, especially phone book, messages and internal memory. Also the episodes that you passed on your mobile games will be removed.

How to Factory Reset Huawei Phone?

There are two ways to format Huawei devices: Soft Reset and Hard Reset. The most extensive one is Hard Reset. This will reset your phone completely.

Soft Reset:

To Format Huawei Phone, you should go Settings tab and then click on Advanced Options > Backup and Reset > Factory Data Reset > Reset Device buttons consecutively. This will get restore factory defaults of your Huawei device.

Hard Reset:

To be able to hard reset your device, firstly you need to get your device in Recovery Mode. Now we will explain how to get your phone in Recovery Mode. Just note that the way we will show may not be the same for all the Huawei phones. If it doesn’t work for you, you can google your device model and find how to do it.

  1. Shut down your device by holding Power
  2. Then open it, however, you need to press and hold on Volume Up and Power buttons at the same time until you see LOGO on loading screen. Release the Power button when you see EMUI logo and factory settings options but keep holding Volume UP button.
  3. When recovery menu pops up, release Volume Up button.
  4. Select Wipe Data/Factory Reset option on the touchable screen. The screen is working, so you can just click on any option you wish.
  5. After the wiping process, it will return back to Recovery window. Get to “Reboot System Now” option by using Volume Buttons and click on Power Your phone will start.
  6. You need to setup the required settings since the process removed all of your settings. After selecting the language and other options, you will get your phone back to its original status.
Video Guide:

Still Have Problems?

If you still have problems even after the hard reset, then you may try installing Stock Rom as final solution. In this way, you can get your phone to original state.

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