Fix: Disk is not accesible, Access is denied on Windows

Fix: Disk is not accesible, Access is denied on Windows 10/7 How do I fix drive D is not accessible? How do I fix Access Denied? How do I fix my Seagate external hard drive not detected? How can I fix my external hard drive without formatting?

Disk is not accesible

The Local Disk we insert into our computer can sometimes cause access difficulties. When we try to open our Local Disk, Location is unavailable, D:\ is not accesible. Returns an error as access is denied. This error can be caused by a virus infection on the Hard Disk or some changes we have made unknowingly. This problem occurs because the HDD does not have write and read permissions.

If you’ve received this error, you don’t have to worry about any damage to your information on the Local Disk. It gives this error because it does not have access only, that is, to view and read files on the disk. Now let’s come to the solution of this error.

Flash Disk Unreachable, Access Denied Solution

Fix: Disk is not accesible

We will use Ntfs Drive Protection for the solution. Download the program to your computer and remove it somewhere.

  1. Right-click the DriveProtect.exe file in it and run it as Administrator.
  2. Check the Show All Drives check box.
  3. Select your Drive from Destination Drive
  4. Check the Reset Permissions for All Files check box.
  5. Finally, click the Turn Protection button.
  6. The program will reset the permissions of all folders and files on the disk.

Fix: Disk is not accesible, Access is denied

You can enter the disk and check that it works.

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