Fix Disk is write-protected, Format Write Protected Disk

Fix Disk is write-protected. How to Format Write Protected USB Drive. The disk is write-protected. Remove the write-protection or use another disk.

Your Flash memory is sometimes write-protected. Remove the protection or use another disk. You may receive the error. In this case, you can try to find a solution by following the instructions below.

Fix Disk is write-protected and Format Write Protected Disk

First insert your Flash memory into the computer. In the Computer Start menu, type CMD, find the Command Prompt in the results, Right-click and run as Administrator. Enter the following codes in sequence on this black screen, and then press ENTER.

Command Prompt


With the list volume command, the disk and its drives are listed.

list volume

In the list, type your disk number in place of 4 of the following code. I wrote four because I have four.

select volume 4

Now perform the following command.

attributes disk clear readonly

Then, perform the following command.

attributes volume clear readonly

These commands must have removed the readable features on the USB disk you selected as a result. If the last commands succeed, “Disk attributes cleared successfully.” message.

Fix Disk is write-protected, Format Write Protected Disk

If your problem is not solved after you apply these codes and you get an error while formatting your Disk. Your disk is probably damaged.

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