Finding Windows Product Key Embedded in BIOS

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How does the problem of brightness change occur?

After you format the laptops with Windows, the Laptop Screen Brightness Does Not Change error may occur. This error can be caused by a system error or a failure by chipset or bios. Usually Laptop Screen Brightness Unchanged problem occurs after installing video card drivers. Now let’s come to the solution:

Fix Screen Brightness Does Not Change Problem

When we cannot change the screen brightness of our computer, we can use either full bright or dark. Although pressing the FN key does not work.

Solution 1:

We have prepared a code for you, which backs up the screen brightness setting in the Windows registry to your desktop and then changes the required settings. All you need to do is copy the following codes and paste them into a notebook then save them as “Screen Brightness Fix.bat“.

Please note that the extension will be .bat or it will not work. Right-click on this bat file that you just created and run as Administrator. The settings will be updated after a backup is made to your desktop. Now you can restart your computer and test whether it works. If it worked, you can restore Screen_Brightness_Replacement.reg on the Desktop.

Solution 2:

If the above code didn’t work, after undoing the backup, make the bat code and apply the following code in the same way.

Solution 3:

Uninstall the drivers for all video cards. Then, go to the video card manufacturers websites to download and install the latest version of drivers for your video card model.

Solution 4:

Make sure that all of the original drivers for your computer are installed. Usually there is a special Driver for controlling FN keys. This driver may not be running because it is not installed.

Lenovo Computers

On Lenovo laptops, sometimes uninstalling and reinstalling the Lenovo Energy Management program can provide a solution.

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