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Formatting USB Flash Drive with Diskpart. You can use Windows Diskpart to re-format a USB key and re-partition it. Guide: How to Format USB Flash Drive Using Cmd? How do I format a flash drive using Diskpart? How do I format an external hard drive using command prompt? How to use DiskPart to clean and format a drive not working on Windows 10

Nowadays, USB sticks that replace CDs and DVDs and make information portable can often be used for technical purposes. For example, we do format throwing from our usb memory. We are able to install Windows as well as other operating systems. As a result of this process, there may be some problems with USB sticks. In this case, Diskpart can be used to completely format the flash memory. With Diskpart, you can handle many Flash memory problems.

Formatting USB Flash Drive with Diskpart

  1. First, type “cmd” in the Start menu. In the results, open “Command Prompt” as “Run as administrator”

Command Prompt

  1. Enter the following commands in the “Command Prompt” window, and then press “ENTER” after each command:

Formatting USB Flash Drive with Diskpart

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