GTA 5 Cheats

GTA 5 Cheats

Grand Theft Auto: V, since one of the legendary games of Rockstar-Games can be played both according to episodes/quests and as open world, people love this game very much. Also, you can activate cheating codes which increases the excitement of the game. But what are the GTA 5 Cheats Codes?  Here we share the list, have fun!

Click here for GTA 5 PlayStation Cheats and Codes.

How to use GTA 5 Cheats?

Firstly, press on either [~], [é] or [“] buttons in the game. Write the codes you wish to activate in the window which popped out. Capital/Non-capital letters do not matter. When you successfully write the code, you will see a notification as “Code-Activated”. If you do not see this notification, then you wrote it wrong and it is not activated. And if you wish to deactivate the cheating code, simply write it again.

To activate more than one code, you need to write the codes consecutively in the game.

GTA 5 Cheats

Player and Weapon Cheats:

Cheat EffectKey Combination
Fills Can and ArmorTURTLE
Immortality (5 Minutes)PAINKILLER
Bang Bang! (Explosive Bullets)HIGHEX
Flaming bulletsINCENDIARY
Explosive Punch AttackHOTHANDS
Increase Search LevelFUGITIVE
Decrease Call LevelLAWYERUP

Car Cheats:

Cheat EffectKey Combination
Duke OathDeath TrolleyDEATHCAR
Submarine (Kraken Sub)BUBBLES
Seaplane (Dodo)EXTINCT
Buzzard Attack HelicopterBUZZOFF
Stunt AircraftBARNSTORM
Duster AircraftFLYSPRAY
Comet TrolleyCOMET
Rapid GT TrolleyRAPIDGT
Limousine (Limo)VINEWOOD
Garbage Truck (Trashmaster)TRASHED
Golf Cart (Caddy)HOLEIN1
Sanchez motorcyclesOFFROAD
PCJ-600 motorcyclesROCKET

Goods and World Cheats:

Cheat EffectKey Combination
Gives ParachuteSKYDIVE
Fill in the Talent CounterPOWERUP
Slow motionSLOWMO
Slow Motion (Engagement)DEADEYE
Fast RunningCATCHME
Fast SwimmingGOTGILLS
Super JumpingHOPTOIT
Skyfall (Down The Sky)SKYFALL
Reduce GravityFLOATER
Floating VehiclesSNOWDAY
Drunk ModeLIQUOR
Director ModeJRTALENT

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