GTA San Andreas

GTA San Andreas Cheat Codes

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, one of the legendary games of Rockstar Games, was liked by the game lovers for being able to play in both episode / duty and free mode. In the game by typing passwords in the game can be played as a fraud adds a different excitement to the game. What are the GTA San Andreas Cheat Codes? What Are GTA San Andreas Unknown Cheats? we shared it for you. good games …

How to Apply GTA San Andreas Cheat Codes?

Enter GTA San Andreas Cheat codes on the keyboard, regardless of the character. When you enter the codes correctly, the display shows “Cheat Activated”. If you do not see this warning, you know that your password has been invalid or entered incorrectly. If you enter the same code again, the Cheat will be closed.

GTA San Andreas Cheat Codes

Weapons, Life and Armor Ciphers:

HESOYAM Full Armor and adds $ 250,000 money.
BAGUVIX Immortality.
LXGIWYL Weapon pack 1 (Thugs Tools)
KJKSZPJ Weapon pack 2 (Professional Tools)
UZUMYMW Weapon pack 3 (Nutter Tools)
WANRLTW Unlimited ammo.
ROCKETMAN Jetpack cheat.
AIYPWZQP Parachute cheat.
NCSGDAG TMakes all your gun level hitman.
OUIQDMW When you drive, you aim.

Police, Level and Gang Cheats:

AEZAKMI The cops will never call you.
OSRBLHH Adds 2 stars to your search level.
ASNAEB Cops will reset your call.
LJSPQK Cops call you in level 6.
MUNASEF Adrenaline mode.
KANGAROO Mega jump.
IAVENJQ Mega fist.
AEDUWNV No hunger
CVWKXAM Unlimited oxygen.
BTCDBCB You are overweight.
KVGYZQK You’re weak, you’re skinny.
JYSDSOD Maximum power.
OGXSDAG Maximum trust.
EHIBXQS Maximum charm.
MROEMZH You’re a gang in every area.
BIFBUZZ Gang Control

Car, Car Fetch Cheats:

AIWPRTON Brings a tank.
CQZIJMB Bloodring Banger
PDNEJOH Race car brings.
VPJTQWV Race car brings.
UBHYZHQ Garbage truck
KGGGDKP Hovercraft
OHDUDE Helicopter

Vehicle levels:

THGLOJ Calm traffic.
CPKTNWT You use all the tools at the top level.
XICWMD Invisible vehicles.
PGGOMOY Excellent vehicle control.
ZEIIVG Traffic lights turn green.
YLTEICZ Aggressive drivers.
LLQPFBN Pink traffic.
IOWDLAC Black traffic
AFSNMSMW Flying boots.
BGKGTJH Cheap cars in traffic.
GUSNHDE Fast cars in traffic.
RIPAZHA Flying cars.
JCNRUAD All vehicles on the screen explode.
COXEFGU All vehicles have nitros.
BSXSGGC The tools you touch explode.
FVTMNBZ Town cars in traffic.
VKYPQCF It gives nitro to taxis.
VQIMAHA Makes the maximum level of all vehicles.

Gameplay Cheats:

AJLOJYQY Everybody attacks each other.
BAGOWPG Everybody hates you.
FOOOXFT Gives a gun to everyone.
SZCMAWO You will commit suicide.
CIKGCGX Beach party.
AFPHULTL Ninja theme.
IOJUFZN People rebel.
PRIEBJ Funhouse theme.
SJMAHPE It gives everyone 9mm guns.
ZSOXFSQ It gives everyone rockets.

Weather and Time Cheats:

AFZLLQLL Sunny weather.
ICIKPYH Very sunny weather.
ALNSFMZO Cloudy weather.
AUIFRVQS Rainy weather.
CFVFGMJ Foggy weather.
MGHXYRM Thunderstorm and stormy.
CWJXUOC Sandstorm in the air.
YSOHNUL Time passes fast.
PPGWJHT Fast gameplay.
LIYOAAY Slow play.
XJVSNAJ Always at night.
OFVIAC The sky becomes orange.

GTA San Andreas Unknown Cheats:

Note: These tricks may not work in some GTA San Andreas Editions.

ubhyzhq the zırvac
ajlojyqy golf club
bagowpg money prize
jqntdmh farmer
cqzıjmb sausage making
itsgallus All levels and cities
iamthelaw No police
itcouldbeyou 999,999,999 Point
suckmyrocket All weapons, armor and “Get Out Of Jail Free” card
itstantrum Infinite rights
hatemachine Increases Pont value
buckfast Press [*] on the keypad, all weapons
% machine 10x multiplier
iamgarypenn Opens more aggressive conversations
iamnotgarypenn Turns off more aggressive conversations
stateofemergency poisonous gas
bluesuedeshoes elvis various people
crazytown lethal temperature
onlyhomıesallowed gangster
speedltup fast running
bubblecars car
nightprowler midnight
speedfreak nitro
professionalkıller hitman
cjphonehome hugo bunn hop
fullclıp endless
wheelsonlyplease ınsıble car
buffmeup muscle
helloadıes max
worshıpme max
stıcklıkeglueerfec ?
ghosttown traffic
ıowdlac black cars
cpkınwt on-screen vehicles explode
jcnruad salt ice bomb
llqpfbnambe cars
brıngıton 6 star search level
ıtsallbull dozer
professıonalskıt professional weapons
whereesthefuneral romero
celebrıtystatus streech
fourwheelfun atv
flyıngtostunt glider
bgluawml launcher
toodamnhot sunny
everyoneısrıch traffic
vrockpokey race car
ohdude helicopter
krıjebr chapter

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