What is HEIC File? How to Open, Convert HEIC to JPG

What is HEIC File? How to Open and Convert HEIC to JPG. What is HEIC File Format? How to Open HEIC Files? Converting HEIC File to JPG, HEIC Viewer

We saw HEIC and HEIF file formats on Apple iOS11 and MacOS HighSiearra in 2017 for the first time. Apple devices started to use this new High Efficiency Image File Format. This new format offers very small sizes and different useful features compared to JPEG and PNG formats.

HEIF and HEIC File

HEIC is a file format which contains HEIF images or image strings. HEIF, uses High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) codec technology also known as h.265. Both HEVC and HEIF are certified technology developed by Moving Picture Experts Group (MPEG).

HEIF became very popular after Apple made HEIF default format for iOS11 devices and photos on macOS High Sierra. However, other operating systems and web sites do not support this file format yet. For this reason, when people who use Apple devices want to share their photos with friends, Apple’s operating system converts the photos too JPEG automatically.

Advantages of HEIC

HEIC offers smaller sizes compared to JPEG but higher quality inspite of the size. HEIC is also able to run video files like GIF and GIFV. In addition, HEIC stores not only multi images but also image features, HDR data, alpha & depth maps and even small images of it.

Disadvantages of HEIC

Both HEIC and HEIF are improved by MPEG and based on HEVC technology, let’s do not forget there might be some patent problems. Some patent groups except MPEG claim that they also had HEVC technology patented. This may affect not only huge companies like Apple but also small websites publishing images and videos in HEIC format.

There is one more disadvantage of this format: It is not used commonly by devices except for iOS11 and MacOS High Siearra. It may stay as a technology only used by Apple device owners.

There is a good news though. Windows promised to use HEIC support for the photograph application of Windows 10 Build 17123 while Google does it for Android P. Both of these operating systems may be published at the end of 2018. However, unfortunately, most of the people will not be able to use this format before Windows 10 Build 17123 or Android P is published. Even though companies solve all these patent problems, people will not accept this new format in a night.

How to Open HEIC files?

Since Apple, iOS 11 and MacOS High Sierra currently support HEIC, users of these operating systems and devices do not have any trouble using this file format. Also, when they wish to share this file format with their friends via icloud from Apple, the system converts format to JPEG automatically.

Converting HEIC to JPG

Most of the applications and devices to convert HEIC files to JPG are premium ones. You need to pay money to use them. Since it is a new technology, developers of such applications wish to make money of it. However, we will share some websites and applications that you can use for free. We believe that number of such applications will increase in time.

How to Convert HEIC to JPG Online?

website is able to convert HEIC files to JPEG very successfully. You can convert up to 50 files at one time by using this website. The website uploads the files to its own server and converts them to JPG in very short time. After that, you can download the photos converted to JPEG as one by one or as zip file.

Another website that converts HEIC files to JPEG is . Just like the previous one, this website converts HEIC files online. However, our first suggestion is heictojpg.com.

Convert HEIC to JPG on Your Computer

Windows 10 is able to open HEIC files thanks to its latest update. However, not every device can open HEIC files. Besides that, applications and programs to convert HEIC files are not free or offer only demo version. We will share some programs to convert HEIC to JPG:

  1. HEIC Converter
  2. HEIC to JPEG, HEIC to PNG Converter

Save Your Photos as JPG instead of HEIC

If you wish your phone to save the photos you take as JPG instead of HEIC, devices with iOS operating system has such option. You need to go to Options > Camera > Format > Optimal to make your phone save the photos as JPG. After you apply the changes, your device will save the photos as JPG.

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