LG Bootloader Re Lock, Get LG Back to Original Status

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Android phones mostly come with bootloader lock. You need to disable oem lock to be able to root your device. To get your device back to original status, you need to LG Bootloader Re Lock.

Android phones mostly have oem locks which are also known as bootloader lock when they are manufactured. Some of the manufacturers offer support at unlocking the bootloader to users who wish to root their devices.

After you unlock bootloader of your device, then it is no longer covered by guarantee. For this reason, some users wish to get the device back to its original status by relocking bootloader which is known as oem relock.

LG Bootloader Re Lock

Bootloader Relocking is very similar process to Bootloader Unlocking. All you need to do is to enable USB debugging and command through adb. Then, Let’s see how to do it…

WARNING: Before starting this process, make sure that the device has more than %50 battery energy and you have made a backup for all of your documents. After you unlock bootloader, the device will reset everything. If you start this process, you accept the responsibility.

Download and install the programs given below to your computer:

LG Mobile Driver > Download
adb-setup > Download

Press on “Y” key on keyboard when warnings pop up while installing Adp-setup program and then press ENTER key to finish the installing process.

Step 1: Press Windows + R KeyWin+R keys at the same time and type “cmd.exe” on the window and press ENTER key. Connect your mobile phone to your computer and make sure that phone is not locked. Then, copy the code given below and paste it by right clicking. After that, press ENTER key and if a warning appears as “Enable USB Debugging?”, select “Always Allow on This PC” option and press OK key.

adb reboot bootloader

Step 2: After copy pasting the code given above and pressing Enter key, it will activate bootloader mode. At this point, you should write the code given below and press ENTER key.

fastboot oem lock

Step 3: Entering the code given above, the Bootloader will be relocked. Finally, to restart your phone, you should write the code given below and press ENTER key.

fastboot reboot

Now you have locked the Bootloader. To be able to get your device back to its original status completely, you need to install the Original software called Stock Rom. After you install that, it means that your device is back to original.

At this point, you have completed the whole process. Hopefully it works for you. If you have any problem, you can comment below the article.

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1 year ago

I have an lg velvet 4g and when i unlock bootloader the fingerprint sensor stop working so i want to relock but when i put this “adb reboot bootloader” the phone just restart. It dont shows me the bootloader menu. It only restarts the phone normaly