LG Phone Hidden Menu Codes

LG Phone Hidden Menu Codes. What are the Secret Service Menu Codes of LG devices? LG Smart Phones Hidden Menu Codes. Android Hidden Menu Codes on LG Smartphones. LG Hidden (Unknown) Codes and Passwords on Android Phones

LG phones using the Android operating system have a hidden menu with various settings. Hidden Menu with English is a menu of some settings and tests on Android phones. Access to users is often hidden because risky settings and tests are performed. Access to normal users is not required.

LG Phone Hidden Menu Codes

On LG Phones Hidden Menu, to access the hidden menu A code has been set. These codes are called Secret code ie Secret Code. When you enter the secret code on the Dialing screen, the Hidden Menu opens.

Learning the phone model number

You will need the model number of your LG phone to enter the Hidden menu code. For your LG Model number:

  1. From your phone, select Settings > General > About phone > Hardware info.
  2. Here, your model number is written at the top of the screen under Phone model. For example: LG-H870, your phone model will be H870.
  3. Now keep your model number in mind and use it with the hidden code below.

Setting a hidden menu code

The hidden code used in the Lg phones is as follows: *#546368#*ModelNo# Now you will key in the code: Let’s say your phone model is H870, then the code you use will be *#546368#*870#.

Let’s say that your phone model H850TR writes, then you will ignore TR. So the code you will use: *#546368#*850# will be. Another example If your phone model is H930 or H930TR, the hidden code  *#546368#*930# will be used.

How to enter hidden menu codes?

  1. Go to Call on your phone.
  2. Switch to the Dial tab.
  3. Key in your code as described above.
  4. As soon as the code ends, the hidden menu will open.

LG Telefonların Hidden Menü Kodları, LG Gizli Menü Kodları


Do not play with the settings you do not know in the Hidden menu. You may corrupt some of your phone’s settings. There are settings like Display, Power, Touch, Wifi. Unintentional processing can lead to problems that you do not want.

LG G3, LG G4, LG G5, LG G6, LG G7, LG V10, LG V20, LG V30, LG Beat, LG K series

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