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How to Resize Desktop icons? How do I change the size of desktop icons in Windows 10?, How do I resize the spacing and icons in Windows 10?, How do I change my icon size in Windows 7?, How do I reduce the size of my desktop icons in Windows 7?

Sometimes a small and simple adjustment can be a challenge. As a result, the way to learn something we do not know is either to tamper with or to investigate. Here’s how to change the size of the Windows 10 Desktop Icons for users who do not do this, we said prepare a guide.

How to Resize Desktop icons?

There are many ways to reduce or enlarge the desktop icons in Windows 10. These settings are almost the same as in other operating systems and are simple. Now let us tell you how to make these settings.

Change with Ctrl key

While on the desktop, hold down the Ctrl Ctrl key on your keyboard and move your mouse wheel forward or backward. You will see the desktop icons grow and shrink. This is the simplest way.

Change from the View menu

Right-click anywhere on your desktop. In the pop-up menu, point to View. Select one of the following options: Large, Medium and Small.

How to Resize Desktop icons? Change icons size Windows 10

You can select the default sizes in this option. However, changing the size with Ctrl and Mouse Wheel is more extensive.

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