ROOT LG V30 and Install TWRP

How to Root LG V30? How to Install TWRP on LG V30? Rooting LG V30 H930, H930G, How to Install TWRP Recovery on V30 H930, H930G, What is the Easiest Way to Root LG Devices?

These processes can only be applied to devices with unlocked bootloader. At the moment, you can unlock bootloader on only H930, H930G model. If you a Root LG V30 H930, H930G user and have failed to unlock bootloader, then you can check our related article below and find out how to do it.

 >  First Step: Click to Unlock LG Bootloader.

WARNING: Before starting this process, make sure to back up user data like phonebook, applications, internal storage etc. since it is going to remove all of your data in your phone. Also, some of the applications may not work, it will end your phone’s warranty. You accept the responsibility for all of the possible consequences.

How to Install TWRP on LG V30

Required Tools: (Not Required if Already Installed)

LG Mobile Driver > Download
adb-setup > Download Press on “Y” key on keyboard when warnings pop up while installing Adp-setup program and then press ENTER key to finish the installing process.

Required Files:

TWRP.img > Download = Edit its name as twrp.img and then drop it to C:/adb folder. Then, drop the files below to internal storage of your phone. > Download > Download > Download
 MagiskManager.apk > Download

Open Developer Options
Step 1: Open Developer Options.

  1. Go to Settings > About Device > Software Information to enable Developer Options.
  2. Click on Build Number section 5-6 times repeatedly until you see “You are now a developer”
  3. Then go back to Developer Options and enable OEM Unlocking and USB Debugging

Step 2: Press onWindows + R KeyWin+R keys at the same time. Type “cmd.exe” on the window popping up and press ENTER key or just simply search for “cmd” on the windows search tab and click on black window icon. Connect your phone while it is unlocked and copy paste the code given below to the black window by right clicking. Then, press ENTER key. If you see a warning as “Enable USB Debugging?”, select “Always on this PC” option and press OK key.

adb reboot bootloader

Step 3: After copy pasting the code given above, press ENTER key and the device will activate bootloader mode. At this point, you should write the code given below and press ENTER key.

fastboot flash recovery twrp.img

Step 4: Rooting process is over. Now, write the code we have given below and press ENTER key to start your phone in TWRP Mode.

adb reboot recovery

After you activate TWRP Mode, we can continue with Patching and Rooting steps.

How to Root LG V30

Step 1: When the device is in TWRP Mode, you should click on Keep Read Only button. Then, click on Wipe and Format Data buttons. Type or click on YES and press on Blue ENTER button. After that, go back to TWRP main page and click on Reboot > Recovery buttons respectively.

ROOT LG V30 and Install TWRP

ROOT LG V30 and Install TWRP

Step 2: It will restart your phone in TWRP mode. At this point, you should click on Keep Read Only button and Install button while you are on the TWRP main page. Later, select file and swipe “Swipe to Install” button to right side. Go back to main page and apply the same process to, lg rctd disabler files. At the end of the process, you will have installed 3 zip files.

ROOT LG V30 and Install TWRP

Step 3: Press on the home button to get back to TWRP main page. Click on Reboot > System buttons respectively. Your rooted phone will start afterwards.

ROOT LG V30 and Install TWRP

Final Step: Finally, get in your phone’s file manager and install MagiskManager.apk on your phone. MagiskManager.apk is the application to give root authority just like SuperSU.

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