Solve Android Package Conflict

Solve Android Package Conflict, Package Conflict While Installing Apk Application. Android “The package conflicts with an existing package by the same name.” Gives a fault. The application is not updating.

Android Apk Application Package Files

One of the advantages of phones using Android operating systems such as Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei is the possibility of installing Apk packaged applications from outside. Thus, we can use the modded applications for free.

As you know, if the Apk application file we install from outside does not have the package and signature in the Google Play Store, it will not receive updates. Therefore, since the Apk file that is modded or edited in a different compiler has a different signature, we need to update it manually.

However, sometimes when installing the new version Apk file, we may receive the error “The application could not be installed because the package conflicts with an existing package”, as well as “Error, Application not installed, A package with the same name already exists” or “Application signature does not match the signature of an already installed application with the same package name” or “App not istalled as package appears to be invalid”

This is because the existing Apk file and the new apk file do not have the same signature (Signature). In other words, it was compiled by a different compiler and developer.

Solve Android Package Conflict

Let’s come to the solution of this error. Either you will find and install the new version Apk file edited by the same developer, which will be difficult. Or it is to uninstall the old Apk file, that is, the application from the phone, and install the new Apk file.

Thus, there will be no conflicts because you are doing the normal installation process instead of the update process. In this way, you can easily install your new apk file.

Sometimes when you get a package conflict error, you may think that app is not installed on your phone. However, if you are getting this error, it means that an application with the same package name is installed on your phone. You have to find this app and uninstall it.

Let’s give an example: The Yotube application is installed on your phone as a system file. If you get up and try to install the modded YouTube app with the same package name, you will get a package conflict error. So you must first uninstall the system app or install an Apk with different package name.

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