Bios Input Keys, All Brand Bios and Boot Menu Keys

Bios Input Keys, All Brand Bios and Boot Menu Keys. All Computers What are Boot / Bios Menu Shortcuts? How to Enter the BIOS on Any PC: Access Keys by Manufacturer

What is BIOS?

The BIOS (Basic Input Output System) controls the input and output devices, enabling the system to boot. The BIOS is permanent software that is stored in ROM memory. The software, which allows us to use many of the motherboard’s features, links our systems and hardware.

Entering the Bios menu in Windows 10

If you are using Windows 10, you can open the Bios menu in a few steps without any buttons. To do this, we need to open the Advanced start menu:

  1. Restart the computer while holding down the Shift key on the keyboard (from the Start menu).
  2. A blue menu will open where you click Troubleshoot> Advanced options> UEFI firmware.
  3. This will open the computer with the Bios menu.

Bios Input Keys, All Brand Bios and Boot Menu Keys

Dell F2 F12
Acer F2 F12
Asus F2 veya Delete Esc
Casper F2 F12
Exper F1 veya F2 Esc ya da F2
Fujitsu F2 F12
Grundig F2 F11
HP F10 F9, F10 ya da Esc
Lenovo F2 F12 ya da Nova Tuşu
LG F10
MSI F2 veya Delete F11
Monster F2 F7
Samsung F2 F9, F10 ya da Esc
Sony Vaio F2 F11 ya da Asist Tuşu
Toshiba F2 F12
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