How to Check If Windows 10 is Genuine or Not?

How to Check If Windows 10 Is Genuine or Not? Windows 10 license check, is my Windows Original, How to Tell If Windows 10 is Retail, OEM or Volume

Windows 10 License

If you purchased Windows on the purchase of a computer, it means entering your license or the motherboard has already been licensed. You can also activate it yourself by purchasing a License to your unlicensed computer. Many users also wonder whether this activation is valid, ie whether the windows they are using are genuine or not.

When you right click on the computer and say properties, it says “Windows Activated”, but that doesn’t mean your license is genuine. Because Crack etc. it will print the same when you use it. Here in this article, we will explain for you how to tell if your Windows License is Genuine.

How to Check If Windows 10 is Genuine or Not?

We will use Command prompt to check Windows Originality.

  1. Open the Start menu on your computer and type “cmd”. Find “Command Prompt” in the results. Select “Run as administrator” from the options right next to it.

Command Prompt

  1. Enter the following code in the “Command Prompt” window and then press the “ENTER” key:

slmgr xpr

  1. After entering the command, a window will open as in the picture above, and you will see two different messages in this window as below.

If Windows is Genuine

How to Check If Windows 10 is Genuine

If Windows Is Not Genuine

How to Check If Windows 10 is Genuine

If Windows is Original, the message Machine is permanently activated. If Windows is not genuine, you will see Mass activation ending on 15.12.2020. Possibly, a pirate activation has been done with tools such as KMs and after a while you will get a windows activation warning again.

Find out the remaining number of activations for Windows

There are two most used license types in Windows; one is retail key and mak key, if you already have the language when buying your computer, that means you have the oem key installed. Retail key is activated according to the main card and automatically activated after each format and is unlimited. However, there are a certain number of activation possibilities. The number of activations remaining after each format is reduced. Here, simply enter the code below into the command prompt to find out the number of activations remaining.

How to Check If Windows 10 is Genuine

The remaining number in the retail license is always 1001 authors and does not change. However, the number is less in the makkey. and after a while or after format you may experience licensing issue.

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