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Windows 11 Android App Support

Not indifferent to the spread of the Android platform to smart devices such as Phone, Tablet and TV, Microsoft brought support for running Android-based applications with Windows 11. You can now run Android apps like a regular app on Windows 11 without the need for an external tool or program.

We have previously covered how to enable Android app support in Windows 11 in Running Windows 11 Android Apps (Guide) here. Now we will tell you How to Run Android Apps on Windows 11?.

Install Apk to Windows 11 From Outside Store

In Windows 11, the Windows Subsystem for Android is a platform that lets you run Android apps on your laptop or desktop computer alongside Windows apps. Officially, you can only install apps from the Amazon Appstore. However, it is possible to install Android apps externally using Android Debug Bridge (ADB) tools. So How?

  1. Download Android ADB (Download and Install ADB Tool on Your Computer) and put the Apk files you will install into the “Local Disk C:/adb” folder.
  2. Type “Android” in the start search field. Open the “Windows Subsystem for Android Settings” application from the results.

Windows Subsystem for Android Settings

  1. When the Windows subsystem Settings for Android is opened; Initialize the Android subsystem by clicking the Open button opposite “Files” at the top.

Install Apk to Windows 11, Install Android App

  1. As you can see in the images below, the Windows subsystem for Android is starting up. When the initialization is complete, the file manager will open as Downloads. We have nothing to do with this place. Let’s close by hitting the cross. (We just used it to Start)

Install Apk to Windows 11, Install Android App

  1. Then we return to the settings window and turn the “Developer mode” option “On”. If you do not turn on developer mode, external applications will not be installed.
  2. In the “IP address” section it says “Not Available”. Now we click on the “Refresh” button on the right to get the ip.

Install Apk to Windows 11, Install Android App

  1. After pressing the Refresh button, you will see that an IP number such as appears in the IP address section. You will see that the Refresh button has also turned into a Copy button. (if it doesn’t get the ip address and the Refresh button doesn’t turn into Copy, it means the android System has not started)
  2. Now press theWindows + R KeyWin+R keys together from the keyboard. Type the following code in the Run window that opens and press the ENTER key.

cmd.exe /k "cd C:\adb"

  1. After opening the command prompt, return to the android settings; and copy the ip address by clicking the “Copy” button next to the ip address.

Install Apk to Windows 11, Install Android App

  1. Type “adb devices” at the command prompt and press the “ENTER” key on the keyboard, and you will have started the ADB bridge.
  2. Now add your ip address and type adb connect and press the “ENTER” key on the keyboard. If it says “connected to”, it means it has been successfully connected.
  3. Now let’s install the apk file. For this: type “adb install”, leave a space and drag the Apk file. Or if you put it in the “Local Disk C:/adb” folder, type adb install “Filename.apk” and press the “ENTER” key on the keyboard.

Install Apk to Windows 11, Install Android App

  1. If it says “Performing Streamed Install” and “Success”, it means the application has been installed successfully. You can find the installed application in the Start menu. Or you can find it by searching.

How to Uninstall Android Apps Installed in Windows 11?

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