Start Menu Search Not Typing, Keyboard Not Working

Windows 11 Start Menu Search Not Typing, Keyboard not working on Start Menu. Can’t Type In Windows 10 Search Bar. Keyboard Not Wrting in Start Menu.

Start Menu Search Not Typing

One of the problems you may encounter in Windows 11 and Windows 10 is: unable to type in the start menu or search bar. When users want to type something in the search bar, they cannot type on the keyboard. While the keyboard is working in the notebook or elsewhere, the keyboard does not work and does not write in the start menu, search bar and wifi password entry bar.

How to Fix Keyboard Not Working on Start Menu

For a permanent solution to this problem, we will offer you a simplified and comfortable solution. For this, we have prepared a small program in the click-to-run style. By using this tool you will have solved the Search typing problem. It also works on Windows 11 and Windows 10.

Download Link / Alternative Link

  1. Download the “” archive file from one of the links above to your computer and extract it to your desktop.
  2. Right click the “Fix.exe” file and run it as an administrator.

Start Menu Search Not Typing, Keyboard Not Working

  1. When you type “SUCCESS” as in the image below, the process will be completed. Finally, don’t forget to restart the computer for the changes to be reflected!

Start Menu Search Not Typing, Keyboard Not Working

Repair windows components with PowerShell

  1. Press Windows + X on the keyboard and select Windows PowerShell (Admin)
    Enter the following commands in order and press Enter

Windows 10 Arama Çalışmıyor Sorunu Çözümü

Repair windows components with DISM

The DISM tool is a tool that repairs windows online. This tool is available inside windows. We will call and use this tool with Command prompt. For this:

  1. Click the Start button. Then Right click on Command Prompt in the Windows System folder, select More > Run as administrator in the window that opens

Windows 10 Arama Çalışmıyor Sorunu Çözümü

  1. In the Black Command Prompt window that opens, enter the following code and press ENTER on the keyboard. As a result of this command, there will be a progress like the picture below.

Windows 10 Arama Çalışmıyor Sorunu Çözümü

Reset Windows

If the above actions did not solve your problem, you can finally try to reset the computer. So you can reset Windows without deleting your files. To reset Windows: You can check How to Reset Windows 10 (Keep Files, Without Format) guide.

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