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Is your phone too slow? Is your Android phone freezing or stuttering? If your Android phone is running out of battery fast, then the Speed Up Methods for Android Phones we have prepared for you are just for you.

The mobile operating system Android, which is increasingly used today, has both positive and negative aspects. Some of the negative aspects of Android: Despite very high hardware, it is not fully stable and the Hardware / Performance ratio is far below that of iOS. Of course, let’s not forget that iOS is produced for its own phone and Android is not produced for a single hardware.

Speed Up Methods for Android Phones

Let’s leave the Android – ios discussion aside and let’s look at how we can speed up our Android smartphone and increase its performance and extend the battery life and what are the Speed Up Methods for Android Phones. Let’s not forget that if your Android device has low hardware, we have to compromise on some features and applications.

Restart your phone

On phones that are left on for a long time, some residues from old processes remain. Sometimes hardware conflicts or unstable conditions occur. In these cases, phone hangs or “Application has stopped” errors occur. For this, it is useful to restart the Android phone regularly.

Uninstall Apps you don’t use

Keep in mind that as the application is installed on your Android device, its performance will decrease at this rate. Because most android applications can run in the background or send notifications. In this case, review the currently installed applications on your phone, uninstall the Games or applications that you do not use or use little.

Find the apps that consume the most battery

We recommend that you look at the applications that consume the most battery on your mobile phone. In this request, if there are applications that use battery but you do not use much, you can get a performance increase by removing these applications. To do this: You can access battery usage data from Settings > Battery & performance.

Find the apps that consume the most battery

Uninstall Antivirus or Security software

Android smartphones are not as easily infected as computers. If you don’t root and don’t install apps from outside the Google play store, you don’t have much of a security risk. It will be useful for you to remove the security software for him.

Most Antivirus apps use large amounts of hardware and power. If you are using such an application, you can get a performance increase by removing these applications from your phone.

Get rid of Junk Files

Unnecessary files such as cache accumulate over time in application and Internet usage on your Android phone. This creates storage problems and performance loss on your phone.

To clean unnecessary files on your Android Phone, you can use your phone’s own cleaner, if available, or you can use the application called “SD Maid” from the Android Market. With SD Maid, you can now use Finder, System Cleaner, App Cleaner features. We do not recommend using the database feature.

Get rid of Junk Files

Remove Animated Wallpaper

If you use an animated wallpaper as a background on your phone, it means that your phone is using a certain hardware and battery. It will be more efficient to use a fixed jpeg image instead of Animated Wallpaper.

Manage screens and widgets

One of the important aspects of Android is the widgets that offer various tasks and notifications without going to the application on the screen. An app whose widget you are using is open in the Background. This will cause performance loss.

Android has two screens, the Home screen and the Application screen. The application screen itself increases according to the number of installed applications, but since we add widgets or shortcuts on the Home screen, we can create as many screens as we want. In this case, set the number of Home screens to a maximum of two.

Turn off Android Animations

Android system has various Window and transition animations. These animations affect a certain amount of performance. If you have low hardware. This will cause the phones to freeze or hang. Turning off these effects will only lose you visually, but on the other hand, your battery life and performance will increase.

Animation settings are available in the Developer Options menu. If this is your first time to Developer Options, this menu is hidden. To enable Developer Options:

  1. Press Settings > About phone > Software information > Build number 5-6 times until it says you are now a developer.

Android Developer Options

  1. Now come back to the Settings main screen and go to Additional settings > Developer options.

Turn off Android Animations

  1. Don’t mess with anything other than what we said in the developer options. Now find Window animation scale, Transition animation scale, Animator duration scale and set the Animation scale to .5x one by one.

Turn off Android Animations

  1. Then get out of here. So you can experience your android device noticeably faster.

Change Sync Settings

Synchronization is the synchronization of data between Phone and cloud server. These processes are performed periodically in the background. For example; If you are logged into the Google Play Store with a Gmail account, syncing is turned on automatically; Gmail, Contacts, Calendar and Google fit data are synced periodically.

To achieve synchronization; Go to Settings > General > Accounts & sync. A list of linked accounts will appear here.

Change Sync Settings

If there are things you don’t want in the sync accounts, disable them. For example: If Whastapp is enabled, it will sync your contacts and keep your list up-to-date. If you turn off sync, your Whatsapp contact list will not be updated. Another example; Emails are not checked if Gmail is disabled in the Google account. For example, if you do not have a business with Google fit, you can disable it. Or if you don’t want syncing at all, you can disable the Auto sync feature.

Use a different Interface (Launcher)

Android phones have an interface called Launcher. However, sometimes these interfaces can tire the phone, perhaps because they are not well coded. Instead, you can use alternative launchers available in the Google play store. Here you can check the Launchers in the Google Play Store.

Some Lanchers we can recommend to you: Arrow LauncherGO Launcher, CM Launcher

Remove Unnecessary System Apps

Many applications come pre-installed on Android phones. Most of these apps are advertising and unnecessary. These apps cannot be uninstalled as they are system files. But you can remove unnecessary system files with one method. First of all, identify the applications that you will review and remove unnecessary system applications.

Go to Settings > General > Application manager or Apps from your Android phone. Here go to All apps or System apps. Find the application you want to uninstall in the list and uninstall it as we explained in this article.: How to Remove Android System Applications

WARNING: Do not uninstall unfamiliar applications, otherwise your device may crash and you may have to install software.

Harmful or unwanted apps on the phone

If viruses or advertising applications are installed on the phone, the background will consume the system, making the phone heavier and causing the battery to run out quickly. Sometimes, even a game you download to play can have the purpose of showing advertisements in the system. You can check if there are unwanted applications on your Android device by using the article below. And you can remove harmful apps from your device, if any.

How to Know if Your Phone Has a Virus?

Try installing a custom ROM

Stock Roms (Original software) that come on Android phones may contain software that we have never used. In addition, some stock roms may have processing restrictions by manufacturers. In this case, most people are using Custom Roms (Special Software).

Custom Roms are usually Stock Rom based. Custom roms do not contain unnecessary (bloatware) applications. Developers in some places offer faster software using their own merits. In addition, the most preferred Custom Roms are LineageOS.

Also, when you follow the acceleration methods and steps for Android Phones; You can experience your phone noticeably faster and longer battery life.

You can comment your ideas about these methods below. If there are some settings that you think speed up Android or affect performance, you can specify it as a comment.

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