How to Clean Speaker on Phone

How to Clean Phone Speaker? Xiaomi – Redmi, Redmi Handset Cleaning, Poco Speaker cleaning setting, Activating the Speaker Cleaning feature on Xiaomi Devices, Speaker cleaner sound

Did you know that speakers are cleaned with sound on phones? Yes, you heard right, you can throw out the dust or water that has accumulated on the speaker with the help of a sound from the phone. It has been observed that the top of the dust or water is thrown out by sending bass vibrations, and as a result, the speaker sounds better. Speaker cleaning sound is available as a feature on some phones. On some phones, it can be accessed from the settings section, while on others it is hidden.

How to Clean Phone Speaker?

Xiaomi, Redmi and Poco brand phones have a handset cleaning feature. however, this feature can be hidden. We will use an activity starter program to activate this feature. During the test, the phone volume should be at the highest level.

  1. Install the Activity Launcher application from the Google Play Store on your phone and open it.
  2. First, the list of applications on your phone will be extracted.
  3. Then tap the Search icon in the upper right corner when the application list opens.

How to Clean Speaker on Phone Xiaomi

  1. Type “SpeakerSettings” in the search field that appears. Then tap where it says “.Settings$SpeakerSettingsActivity” under the Settings section.
    Turn the volume of your phone to the lowest and activate the button in the “Clear speaker” option.

How to Clean Speaker on Phone Xiaomi

An alert will sound and your phone will sound for 30 seconds. It will turn off automatically after 30 seconds. You can repeat this process 3 times.

Speaker Cleaning Sound

Instead of dealing with it, you can also clean the speakers of your phone or devices by using a ready-made sound. What you need to do for this. Turning the volume to the lowest and waiting for the video to end.

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