How to Solve Unfortunately, System UI has stopped

One of the common errors on Android phones such as Samsung, LG, HTC, Sony, Huawei, General Mobile is the error, Unfortunately, System UI has stopped. So what is the solution to this error? “Stopped: Unfortunately, sist interface” and “ process has been stopped” How to Fix?

Devices that use Android mobile operating systems can sometimes cause very annoying errors. These errorsreally can be annoying. Since each manufacturer organizes the Android mobile operating system according to itself, it does not have a specific rail. This sometimes causes us to encounter software problems.

Unfortunately, System UI has stopped

Previously using your device nice, hoop! Stopped: Unfortunately the Sist Interface error. So what happened to this place where we stopped? Unfortunately, we will tell you about the System Interface stopped.

There are three solutions to this error. We hope you will get the solution by following these steps from simple to difficult. Before you get this error, you must have tampered with something on the device. Therefore, it will be difficult to work according to the damage caused by this system. Now let’s get to the solution

Solution 1: Clearing the cache

  1. In your phone, go to Settings > General > Applications.
  2. Here, we press the menu in the upper right corner to show the System Applications.
  3. In the Installed Applications, we find and click the Sist Interface.
  4. Click Storage here. Click the Clear cache button on the incoming screen.
  5. Finally, restart the phone.

Solution 2: Format / reset the phone

If the method of deleting the above cache did not work, you need to format your phone. So you can provide a hard reset solution. Before you perform a Hard reset on your phone, back up your information on the phone as all your information will be deleted. For hard reset we have prepared solution guides according to some models. You can hard reset your device by taking advantage of these issues.

How to do a hard reset?

Format Samsung Phone, Guide to Hard Reset Samsung
Format LG Phone, How to Hard Reset LG Phones [GUIDE]
Format Huawei Phone, Guide to Hard Reset Huawei Phones

Solution 3: Install Stock Rom

If you continue to receive the same error, even if you get the same error, so if you did not get a solution even though you did get a solution, the last solution you can make is to install the original software on the phone. So install a new clean software on the phone.

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