How To Use Fraps? FPS Counter, Show FPS in Games

How To Use Fraps? FPS Counter, Show FPS in Games. Fraps FPS Display. How to Activate Fraps FPS Counter? How to Show FPS during Game in Fraps Win 10?

What is FPS?

FPS (Frame Per Second) means the number of images per second in Turkish. More specifically, this is the number of frames per second to the screen. It is a topic that players are usually interested in. The stronger your computer hardware, the more FPS you get. This means a smoother and more quality gaming experience.

Using Fraps

Published by Beepa, Fraps is one of the oldest programs to do this work. In addition to measuring FPS with Fraps, it also allows you to shoot in-game screen videos. It is a very useful program, but it is very small in size.

Display FPS in Fraps

99 In the FPS tab, we will make the FPS-related settings. Here we can display the Benchmark settings and FPS values.

  1. The “Folder to save benchmarks” section specifies where to save the benchmark log
  2. files. With the “Change” button you can select the storage location.
  3. You can set the Benchmark start button here.
  4. Here you specify which option you will make the benchmark.
  5. You can display the display and adjust the off key here.
  6. select the corner in which corner you want the display to appear on the game screen.

How To Use Fraps

Screen Video Capture with Fraps

On the Movies tab, you can adjust Screen video capture settings.

  1. “Folder to save movies in” You can set the location where you want to save the screen videos with the “Change” button.
  2. Here you can specify the key to start video recording.
  3. You can adjust the recording settings of the Video here.
  4. You can divide the video into 4gb tracks.
  5. With “Record Win10 sound” you can record system sounds from the side of the video.
  6. With “Record external input” you can record your voice with a microphone.
  7. With “Hide mouse cursor in video” you can hide your mouse. You can keep FPS steady during “Lock framerate while recording” recording.

How To Use Fraps

Screen Capture with Fraps

On the Screenshots tab, you can adjust Screen capture settings.

  1. You can change the location where the screenshots will be saved.
  2. You can specify which key to take a screenshot of.
  3. Here you can change the format of the screen shot.
  4. With “Include frame rate overlay on svreenshot”, you can include the FPS counter in the screenshot. With “Repeat screen capture every 10 seconds”, you can set to take a screenshot every 10 seconds.

How To Use Fraps

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