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LibreTube YouTube App

Having to watch YouTube ads can be really boring. Usually, users also have trouble using the YouTube application without ads. Fortunately, volunteer developers come to our rescue. That’s why they developed Ad-Free YouTube App for us to watch YouTube ad-free. These volunteers made the original YouTube app an ad-free app where you can download any video you want by Modding it. You can also download videos as audio files if you want.

YouTube Video watching, downloading Application: LibreTube

The application called LibreTube was developed for the android platform. The LibreTube application uses the infrastructure of the YouTube android application and thus allows you to watch videos without ads. Thus, you can download the videos you want to download in the resolution you want. In addition to the download feature of videos, it can download videos as audio files.

LibreTube is an interesting YouTube app with some key features that might entice you to give it a try. That’s why one of the most interesting things about LibreTube is that it uses Piped. In short, you never connect directly to Google servers because there is a server between you and Google. So LibreTube lets you choose from a few. If you want to subscribe to channels but do not subscribe to any Google-affiliated service, you can register an account on this server.

LibreTube Apk Download

GitHub > Download : Download the APK file and install it on your phone.

First, put the .apk file you downloaded to your phone’s internal storage. However, if you have already downloaded it from the phone, open the File manager and upload the .apk file you downloaded to the phone.

LibreTube YouTube Video, Müzik indirme Uygulaması

Brief Features:

User accounts
User Playlists?
Channel Playlists
Search Suggestions
Search Filters?

Other Youtube Apps

We have researched and prepared many more ad-free YouTube apps for you. So you can enjoy watching video without ads and video with download. For more information: Ad-Free YouTube Apps

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