Outlast 1 Trainer Game Cheat

Outlast 1 Trainer Game Cheat. Cheat program for Outlast 1 Epic Games version. Cheat for Outlast steam version. Unlimited Health, Unlimited Battery, Zombie Cheat

Outlast 1 Trainer Game Cheat

Sometimes we can have a different experience by playing games fraudulently. In this case, by using cheat codes, we can increase our gaming experience to different dimensions by using immortality or unlimited ammunition in the games. Thus, since some games do not have cheat codes, we can use many features fraudulently thanks to cheat programs (Trainers) developed by some game lovers. Our cheat program this time: Outlast 1 is for Steam and Epic Games version. The appearance of the trainer is as follows.

Outlast 1 Trainer Game Cheat

Use of Cheat Program

  1. First open any folder (This will allow you to see the desktop while the game is open)
  2. Then run the Outlast 1 game and pause the game with the ESC key while in the game.
  3. Then, press Alt+Tab on the keyboard to navigate to the folder you opened.
  4. Then run the Trainer cheat program.
  5. Then return to the game and activate the cheats with numerical key combinations on the keyboard as shown in the image.
Num1 = Unlimited Health
Num2 = Stamina
Num3 = Camera Full
Num4 = Unlimited Battery
Num5 = Zombies Are Harmless
Num6 = Zombies Stand Their Ground
Num7 = Zombies become normal

Outlast 1 Trainer Download

Download Link 1
Download Link 2

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