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Pausing Windows 10 Updates Indefinitely, How to Disable Windows 10 Updates Indefinitely? Stopping Windows 10 Auto Updates, How to Pause and Continue Windows 10 Updates?

Windows 10 Auto-Updates

Latest favourite of Microsoft, Windows 10 does not let you stop the updates completely and it keeps updating in the background. When you try to disable updates in the old school way, it doesn’t stay disabled. But we have found a way and now we will share it with you!

Now you will be able to pause the updates indefinitely whenever you want. You can force Windows 10 to pause the updates until you let it again. Also, it doesn’t make any trouble at all for Windows, how? Let’s see!

Pausing Windows 10 Updates Indefinitely

There is an option for users to pause Windows 10 updates. However, it is limited by very short periods of time. However, in the way that we are going to explain, we will add 100 more years to pause time so it becomes almost infinite. Additionally, you can keep Windows 10 update whenever you want.

Follow the steps to pause Windows 10 Updates indefinitely:

  1. Copy the code given below and paste it to a notepad.
  2. Name it as “Pausing Win 10 Auto-Update.reg” and save it.
  3. Make sure there is .reg at the end.
  4. Then, double click on the file and run it.
  5. Press “YES” and “OK”
  6. You have successfully paused Windows 10 Updates.

How to Reactivate Windows 10 Auto-Updates

> To reactivate paused Windows 10 updates, you need to go Start Icon > Settings.

Pausing Windows 10 Updates Indefinitely

> Then click on “Updates & Security”

Pausing Windows 10 Updates Indefinitely

> Select, “Windows Update” and click on “Advanced options”

Pausing Windows 10 Updates Indefinitely

> You will see “Pause Updates” option there. Disable this option and auto-update will be active again.

Pausing Windows 10 Updates Indefinitely

> As you can see in the picture above, Updates were paused till 11.11.2099 before we reactivated it. At this point, Windows 10 Updates is working again and Windows will search for latest updates.

> If you want to pause Windows 10 Updates again, then you should run the .reg file again.

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