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Windows 10 is improving it day by day and is getting new features. But in some cases it can annoy you. One of these situations is slicing one in Windows 10. In fact, a new addition in Windows 10 has been made very simple.

When we buy a new computer or install a new Windows, the language can be English, in which case you may want to add the Turkish language. Or, if you want to use your Windows computer in more than one language, we will explain how to add a language in this article.

You cannot add a second language to the Windows 10 Home Single Language version. You can only add languages to Windows 10 in Home and Pro versions. If the system on your computer is Home Single Language English, you must make a new installation from the Windows 10 Home Single Language iso file in the new language.

Windows 10 Add Another Language

To add a language to Windows 10, you need an internet connection. If you have an Internet connection, let’s continue.

  1. Click the Start Menu> Settings icon.

Windows 10 Add Another Language

  1. In the Settings window: Click Time & Language.

Windows 10 Add Another Language

  1. Click the Language tab on the left and click Add a preferred language on the right.

Windows 10 Add Another Language

  1. In the window that opens, search for “Turkish” or the language you want. In the results, select the language you want to download and click Next.

Change Language on Windows 10

  1. Then tick Set as my display language and click Install below.

Change Language on Windows 10

  1. Then the selected language will be downloaded. Now we will go down and apply the language we have chosen everywhere.

Change Language on Windows 10

Make the Selected Language the Default Language

If you select English above, the language will still be different on the Welcome screen, when you create a new user and in some places. Now we will set each place as our chosen language.

  1. Dil ayarları ekranında iken, Yönetici dil ayarları bağlantısına tıklayın.

  1. Açılan pencerede Yönetimsel sekmesinde iken “Ayarları kopyala…” butonuna tıklayın.
  2. Açılan yeni pencerede “Karşılama ekranı ve sistem hesapları” ve “Yeni kullanıcı hesapları” seçeneklerini işaretleyin ve Tamam butonuna tıklayın.

Tekrar Tamam butonuna tıklayarak değişiklikleri kaydedin. Artık tüm bilgisayar seçtiğiniz dilde kullanılacak.

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