Windows Computer Won't Play Videos

Windows Computer Won’t Play Videos. Windows 10 video does not open Solution, Windows 7 video playback problem, Video has sound and no image, Media does not play.

Windows Computer Won’t Play Videos

Windows may have problems playing some videos on your computer, the media player on your computer may have problems playing your videos. Many users look for solutions because I cannot watch video on PC, I am having trouble playing a video. This solution, with which you can play almost any format videos on your computer, will do the trick. If you are having problems playing video on your computer, you should know that you do not have a codec installed on your computer.

Windows Computer Won't Play Videos

What are Video Codecs?

The formats we hear as extensions, namely MP4, AVI, TS, MPG, MKV, FLV, are all containers. These containers are actually made up of Codecs. In other words, Codec is the main feature that determines the type of compression and storage of video. For example, MP4 extension can use codecs such as H264, VP9, ​​XViD. Maybe you reassured; While the video player could play some MP4s easily, some could not. This is because the codec used is not available on your computer or is not supported by the Video player.

For example: If you are going to play a H265 video with MP4 extension, you must have this codecin on your computer or media player. Make sure you have all the traditional video codecs you understand on your computer. So will you install these codecs one by one? Of course no. There is a team that does this job and offers us all codecs in one package. The name of this package is K-Lite Codec Pack. This package is free and when you install it on your computer, it eliminates the codec problem.

K-Lite Codec Pack

  1. First of all download the K-Lite Codec Pack Mega version from this link to your computer.
  2. After downloading the program to your computer, install it by clicking the “Next” button.
  3. The default settings are sufficient for you. You don’t need to make any extra settings.

Along with this codec package, a media player program called MPC, Media Player Classic, is also installed on your computer. This player works with codec packs. So you will open your unopened videos with this media player. For example, you will Right-click the unopened video with the mouse and select Open With > MPC-HC.

K-Lite Codec Pack

I would also like to recommend you a free media player program that opens media files without requiring extra codecs. I think it should be on your computer. Program name: VLC Media Player

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