How to Bulk Resize Images? Batch Resize Photos

How to Bulk Resize Images in Windows 11, How to Batch Resize Photos in Windows 10? Resize multiple images, batch crop images, batch edit photos, batch crop photos

How to Batch Resize Photos

Nowadays, photography has become a passion. We can take photos in the sizes our device allows. This ensures that we have thousands of photos in our archives. However, if the pictures we take are from high-megapixel devices, it means large-sized photos. Our use or archiving of these large-sized images can cause great inconvenience. In this case, since it is impossible to resize the images one by one, it will make our job easier to resize them in bulk.

How to Bulk Resize Images?

We will use a small program to resize images in batches. We will describe this process for computers with windows operating system.

WARNING: Back up your original images before applying these procedures to your images. Secure your images in the event of loss or dissatisfaction with the resizing.

  • First of all, download and install the Image Resizer for Windows Program on your computer from here.
  • The program does not have any shortcuts.
  • The program opens with the right mouse click on the pictures you have selected and the “Resize pictures” option.
  • So it resizes the pictures you choose.

Now let’s explain resizing images:

  1. First, select the images you want to resize with the mouse.
  2. Then right-click the mouse and click “Resize pictures” in the pop-up menu.

How to Bulk Resize Images? Batch Resize Photos

  1. In the window that opens, it will ask what kind of sizing you want.
  2. You can choose a custom resolution by ticking the option that suits you or the “Custom” option.

How to Bulk Resize Images? Batch Resize Photos

  1. “Make pictures smaller but not larger” option Make pictures smaller but not larger.
  2. The “Resize the original pictures” option overwrites existing pictures. does not create a new copy.
  3. “ignore the orientation of pictures” means ignore the orientation of the pictures.
  4. After making the appropriate settings for you, click the “Resize” button to start the process.
Our recommended settings:

After backing up your pictures, selecting Custom option, typing 1280×720, selecting “Resize the original pictures” and “ignore the orientation of pictures”.

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