CPU Temperature Should Be How Much? Max CPU Temp

CPU Temperature Should Be How Much? Max CPU Temp. Optimal CPU Temperatures For Gaming. Safe CPU Temps: How Hot Should My CPU Be? Is 75 degrees Celsius hot for a CPU? Is 80 degrees Celsius hot for a CPU? What CPU temp is too high?

CPU Temperature

One of the situations where we push our computers the most and use all their resources is the Games. We use the CPU, Graphics Card, Memory and Disk a lot. Since electronic circuits also work with electricity, they produce a certain amount of heat. Fans and copper tubes are used to exhaust this heat.

However, most of the time, this cooling system of your computer may not suffice, or you cannot get a glitch and cool your computer properly. In this case, your CPU temperatures may also be high. What are the maximum temperatures at which the processors can operate? Or we will try to explain to what degree is normal.

CPU Temperature Should Be How Much?

These rates can vary from processor to processor. We will consider two groups as Normal computers and Gaming computers. Gaming computers and powerful next-generation processors are 100°C Max values. However, it is best not to raise it to 85°C or higher.

40°C – 55°C: You will see these ratings even if you do nothing on the computer. It is normal.

55°C – 65°C: Film viewing Surfing and so on. heat values. This degree is also normal.

65°C – 75°C: If this temperature appears when your computer is idle (if you are not playing games, etc.), you should take precautions.

75°C – 85°C: It can be ignored if you are playing games that put a load on the computer, but (!) You should not expose the processor to this temperature for a long time.

90°C – 100°C: Shut down immediately if you are playing. If you think it is due to any program, remove it from your computer. Otherwise, your computer will either shut down and protect itself or the CPU may be damaged.

Processors shut down when they exceed their maximum temperature. This prevents any possible damage. However, GPUs do not have such a system yet. So it can burn in extreme heat.

See CPU and GPU Temperatures while gaming

How to lower the CPU temperature?

  • First, clean the inside of your computer. Replace CPU and GPU Thermal pastes with quality pastes.
  • Use your laptop with the air ducts exposed.
  • Your desktop computer’s fans need to be running to blow out the hot air.
  • Use a cooler stand when playing with your laptop.
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