Metro Last Light Redux Trainer for Epic Games. Metro Last Light Redux Cheat Codes. Cheat program for Metro Last Light Redux Epic Games version. Unlimited Health, Unlimited Ammo

Metro Last Light Redux Trainer for Epic Games

Sometimes we can have a different experience by playing the games fraudulently. In this case, by using cheat codes, we can increase our gaming experience to different dimensions by using immortality or unlimited ammo in games. Since some games do not have cheat codes, we can use many features fraudulently thanks to the cheat programs (Trainer) developed by some game lovers. Our cheat program this time: Metro Last Light Redux is for Epic Games version. The image of the Trainer is as follows.

Metro Last Light Redux Trainer for Epic Games

Use of Cheat Program

  1. First, open any folder. (This will allow you to see the desktop while the game is open)
  2. Then run Metro Last Light Redux game.
  3. Go to the folder you opened by pressing Alt + Tab on the keyboard.
  4. Then run the Tainer cheat program.
  5. Then return to the game, and you can activate the cheats with the Ctrl + Numeric and Alt + Numeric key combinations on the keyboard as shown in the image.
Ctrl + 1 = Unlimited HealthAlt + 1 = Unlimited Mines
Ctrl + 2 = No RecoilAlt + 2 = No Reload Arrows
Ctrl + 3 = No SpreadAlt + 3 = Unlimited Ammo Arrows
Ctrl + 4 = Super JumpAlt + 4 = No Overheating
Ctrl + 5 = No ReloadAlt + 5 = One Hit Kill
Ctrl + 6 = Unlimited AmmoAlt + 6 = Unlimited Cash
Ctrl + 7 = Invisible PlayerAlt + 7 = Unlimited Oxygen
Ctrl + 8 = Unlimited FlashlightAlt + 8 = Without GasMask
Ctrl + 9 = Unlimited GrenadesAlt + 9 = Rapid Fire

NOTE: If you activate all options, the game may be closed in some sections. My tip is to activate the unlimited Health and Unlimited Ammo options.

Download Metro Last Light Redux Trainer for Epic Games

Download Server 1
Download Server 2

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