Mobile Network Not Available, Emergency Calls Only Problem

Fix Mobile Network Not Available, Emergency Calls Only. Mobile Network Unreachable Error, Mobile Network Unavailable, Not Registered on Mobile Network Problem Solution. What are the causes of Mobile Network failure?

Mobile Network Not Available

When we receive a new phone, when we have a phone call from abroad, we may even have a problem of not being able to access the network on a phone that was bought from abroad. Now there are many users who have received the error Mobile Unreachable and Emergency Calls Only, which is now a problem when using it.

Solution: Connecting to the network manually

  1. First, turn off your phone completely by pressing the power button.
  2. Remove the SIM card and carefully insert it again.
  3. Turn on the phone. If the network has not yet arrived, follow these steps.
  4. On your phone, click Search networks in Settings > Connections > Mobile Networks > Network operators.
  5. The phone will search for available networks. Click on the name of the operator you are using for the results.
  6. The phone will try to connect to the network.
  7. Check that the network is on. If the network is not connected, continue reading.

Reasons Not Registered on Mobile Network

There are many causes of Mobile Network Unreachable, Emergency Calls Only, Mobile Network Unavailable, Not Registered on Mobile Network, which are more common on Android phones. In this article we will share these causes and solutions one by one. You can find your problem and solution by following these steps.

Problems with Sim Card and Sim Card Slot

One of the first possibilities is possible problems in the Sim Card or in the Sim card slot. The way to detect this is by inserting another Sim Card into our Phone or testing our own Sim Card on another device; so you can see if the problem is caused here.

Deleting a Phone Address

If you have installed software on your phone, or if you have installed Root, Mode, and Patch style stuff, you may have deleted your phone’s imei address. To check the message, dial *#06# on the Dialing screen of your phone. Ime information screen will be displayed immediately. If you see your imei address in the form of numbers, ie null / null or invalid, your imei address has been deleted.

Mobile Network Not Available

Android Software Updating

If the imei has been repaired or clone imei installation has been done on the illegal phones coming from abroad, the software cannot be upgraded especially on Samsung phones. If you have updated your Android. your phone’s network may be gone. You need to go back to the phone and do an imei repair. If you install clone imei your phone originality is broken. You cannot install the software manually again. If you install, you cannot receive networks.

Android Modem Part corruption

If you didn’t get a result from the solutions we explained before and if software was installed or otherwise repaired on your phone, the EFS or Modem part may be corrupted, in which case you should go to the warranty, if not warranty, or a technical service.

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