How to Fix Phone Screen not turning on During a call?

How to Fix Phone Screen not turning on During a call? Sometimes you may have black screen during call problem on Samsung, LG, Sony, HTC and etc. Devices with Android operating system. Your screen may stay black until the person you talk ends the call. How to solve this problem?

Screen darkening on During a call

The more developed our smart phones get, the less time batteries last. For this reason, phone developer companies use some energy saving techniques. One of these techniques is the screen going black during a call. The developers prevented unnecessary battery use with a sensor called Proximity Sensor which gets phone’s screen black when it gets closer to user’s ears. However, this sensor can get broken sometimes or doesn’t work properly because of screen protective film or glass. And as a result, Screen not turning on During a call occurs.

Screen not turning on During a call

Many people say that their phone screens go black during the call but stuck like that even after the call. This situation may be very irritating. Many Android device users suffer from this problem. Their phone screens stay black until the person they talk ends the call. Even though they get the phone away from their ears, the screen doesn’t go normal. It stays black.

Screen not turning on During a call Solution

There may be various reasons. Thus, we are going to suggest you a few potential solutions and you should try each of them until you fix the problem.

Solution 1: Turn off sleep mode

Basic Sleep Mode can cause this problem on some devices. To disable this mode, you should go Settings > Applications > All > Basic Sleep Mode and disable it. Check if this solves your problem after applying it.

Solution 2: Calibrate the sensor

A common reason of this problem is malfunction of sensor calibration. You may need to calibrate the sensor at this point. Each mobile phone has a different code for calibration. We can not share all the codes with you, however, we can show you an example. For instance, dial *983*0# and find “Sensor” option in the list opening and calibrate it.

You can simply search for the code on google. For example, you can just search for “Galaxy S8 Hidden Menu Code” or “Xperia z2 Calibration Code”.

Solution 3: Disable Distance Calculation Setting

There can be such sensor settings on some phones. It is mostly located in the settings tab. If you have such settings that makes your screen black when you get the phone next to your ear, just disable it. This can be the solution, but not every phone has this settings option.

Solution 4: Remove screen glass/gelatine

Screen protective glasses can often prevent the sensor from working properly. This happens even when you use the highest quality ones. Even though you just applied the film or glass on the screen, it may still cause the problem. Remove the tempered protective glass or film from the screen. This is a common problem that Sony Xperia users experience.

Solution 5: Reset phone

This problem can often be software related. If you don’t use any protective glass or film on your phone screen, you can try formatting. Please remember this is not a guaranteed solution. It is still worth trying. Do not forget to make a backup for all the personal information and documents in your phone.

How to Hard reset?

Format LG Phone, How to Hard Reset LG Phones [GUIDE]

Last Resort: Just send your phone to repair service.

If no solutions above worked for you, then there is only one way to go. ust send your phone to repair service.

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