Phone Plugged In Charging But Not Filling

Phone That Won’t Charge Problem Solving. How do you fix your phone if it wont charge? Why is my tablet not charging when plugged in? How to fix a phone that won’t charge?

Phone That Won’t Charge

Sometimes users may encounter problems such as Phone Not Charging. After charging the phone, the phone does not charge or the message Charging the phone may appear on the display. What to do in this case? We will explain to you how to find the cause of the problem.

In phones The charger draws the current from the power outlet and transfers it from the charging socket of the phone to the charging integrated on the motherboard via the charging cable. The charge integrated also transfers the required current to the battery. This is a problem in the current journey we described, your phone will prevent charging. We will try to find out why your phone is not charging. If it is a simple situation, you will handle it yourself. However, if the problem is a technical problem you will need to go to a service.

Why doesn’t the phone charge?

If your iPhone or Android Phone is not charging, the problem is probably due to the charging head or charging cable. However, sometimes the problem is also caused by the battery and motherboard.

Charger and Charging cable

The most common charging problems on the phones are the charging adapter and the charging cable. Your problem may be with the adapter or cable. To find out, you must first try charging the phone with a different cable and then try a second charger. This will tell you if the problem is with the charger or cable.

Socket-related problems

Although it is a remote possibility, the socket in our house can cause this problem. The charger that we plug into the home outlet may not receive the required current while your smartphone is charging. When the current from the socket is not enough, “slow charge” warning may appear on our smartphone. To avoid this problem, try charging different sockets and repair your outlet if it is defective.

Motherboard or Charger socket Problems

If your phone does not charge even if you use a different charger and cable, we may have Motherboard problems, a piece of phone board burned out, or the Charger socket may be defective. However, the charging socket may be deformed as a result of contempt when plugging in the phone. In this case, you must send your phone to a service center.

The battery may be exhausted.

When the battery reaches the end of its service life, it will no longer charge. Although it appears to be charging, it will not charge. Your battery has run out of life; You can now understand by turning the phone off when the phone charge is at 30%. You will then need to go to a workshop and install a new battery.

Is the phone receiving the required current?

Install the app called Ampere on your mobile phone, plug it into your phone. This app will tell you how much amperage is coming to the phone. This allows you to see how much current your phone draws while it is charging.

Phone That Won't Charge Problem SolvingPhone That Won't Charge Problem SolvingPhone That Won't Charge Problem Solving

If the mA value in the application is green, the device is charging, but if it is an orange minus value, your device is using power.

Software Problem or System error

If all the hardware in your phone is intact, then it may be due to a software problem that it is not charging. in this case, you can format your phone or install original software. If you are not qualified, you can ask for help from someone around you who understands this job, or it may be better to take your device to a telephone operator.

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