How to Flash Samsung Stock Rom with Odin

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How to Flash Samsung Stock Rom with Odin

You may experience software problems on your phone. Or You may receive system errors. In such cases it may be the solution to install stock rum to the phone. You can install different country software on your phone and go back to Stock ROM from the Custom ROM.

What is Odin?

Odin, made for Samsung phones, Stock ROM software packages installation Program / Tool. You can install Stock ROM or Original Software along with Odin. Stock Rom Packages are usually tar.md5 extension. With Odin you can install various stock software. You can download the stock rum of various countries.

WARNING: imei untouched phones, you can install the firmware with Odin. However, it is necessary to get a Modem backup with TWRP Recovery before performing these operations on imei modified and repaired devices. After the software installation, the backed-up Modem must be restored with TWRP to repair the network failure.

WARNING: Remember to back up information on your phone (Contacts, Applications, Internal Storage) before you begin this process. if you follow these procedures, you accept all responsibility.

Samsung Stock Rom Downloads

First you need to download Stock rom for your phone. We’ve already shared how to download the appropriate software for your phone model. You can download one of the following methods.
Download Samsung Firmware With SamFirm
Download Samsung Stock ROM from SamMobile
Download Samsung Stock ROM from UPDATO

Preparation of the necessary tools

Download the latest version Odin and extract to Desktop.
Download Samsung USB Driver and install it.
Unzip the .zip file you downloaded from SamMobile to the desktop. There will be a file or four files in the .tar.md5 extension.

Stock Rom Firmware Installation with Odin

We have installed the Samsung USB Driver, we have removed Odin to the Desktop, our stock rom files with .tar.md5 extension are ready.

Step 1: Preparation of Odin

Open Odin.exe. If there is a single file from the stock rom archive, click the “AP” button. In the window that opens, select the .tar.md5 file that you extracted to the desktop. It may take a long time to review the file. If there are 4 files from the archive, place the files in Odine as follows.

  • import file that starts BL_ to BL Location.
  • import file that starts AP_ to AP Location. (It may take a long time for the file to be reviewed.)
  • import file that starts CP_ to CP Location.
  • CSC Section; Select the HOME_CSC_ file if you want your data to be not deleted. If you want to delete everything, just select the file that starts with CSC_.

INFO: On your phone If you will install a higher stock rom on existing software, you will not reset anything; Select the HOME_CSC_ file in the CSC section. If you’re going to do a Android version dropdown, or if you’re going to install clean software by formatting, select the HOME_CSC_ file in the CSC section.

Step 2: Enter Download Mode

When the phone is off, press and hold the Volume Down + Home (or Bixby) + Power button together. Release the keys when the warning comes on, Press the Volume Up key once. The download mode opens.

How to Flash Samsung Stock Rom with Odin
Volume down + Home key + Power key after Audio on one time

 >  Then connect the phone to USB and USB to the PC. ID:COM Point will be Blue in Odin . Leave the phone on a floor.

How to Flash Samsung Stock Rom with Odin
We chose Stock Rom to AP Part. I have connected the phone with download mod. COM was blue. Finally, we start.

Step 3: Start installation

  1. After the ID:COM location is blue in Odin, press the “Start” button to start the installation. The installation can take an average of 10 minutes.
  2. When the download is finished, the PASS warning is displayed. The phone is switched on automatically.
  3. The first phone start will long.
  4. Now remove the phone from USB and complete the setup by setting up the installation. Remember to log in with your gmail account when the phone is opened!

Flash Samsung Stock Rom with Odin was that much. Good luck with …

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