Download Samsung Stock ROM With SamFirm

Download Samsung Firmware With SamFirm, Samsung Stock Rom Download with SamFirm. Installation, Samsung Galaxy Firmware Download Guide

There are different ways to download Stock ROM Firmware, ie original software files, for Samsung Galaxy phones using Android operating system. We have described these in different articles. In this article, we will explain how to download the latest software effortlessly with a program called SamFirm.

How to Flash Samsung Stock Rom with Odin (Guide)

What does SamFirm do?

So you will be able to download your Stock ROM file very easily and quickly to install it on your Samsung phone. The program will also present the latest stock ROM file to you. At the same time, you can download any Stock ROM file you want by manually entering the PDA, CSC and MODEM versions in the program.

Download the SamFirm Program from the Links below to your computer.

Download > / Alternative

Finding out the Model Number of the Device

In order to Download Samsung Stock Rom with SamFirm, you first need to learn the model number of your device. To find out the model number of your phone: You can check the Settings > About the device > Model number.

Download Samsung Stock Rom with SamFirm

  1. Download the SamFirm program from one of the links above to your computer. Extract it to the Desktop with an archive program like winrar or winzip.
  2. Run the SamFirm.exe application located in the folder you extracted.

Download Samsung Firmware With SamFirm

  1. After the program is opened; Type the model of your phone in the Model field and the short name of the country software you will download in the Region box. For example: Germany=DBT, France=OFR, UK=BTC, spain=AMN. Finally, after checking the Auto box, click the Check Update button to check for updated software.

Download Samsung Firmware With SamFirm

  1. After the program makes the update, it offers the updated software for download in the Download section. In the bottom section, it states that Stock Rom’s version is Software version For example: OS: S(Android 12).

Download Samsung Firmware With SamFirm

  1. Now start the Stock ROM download process by clicking the “Download” button to download the software. The program asks where to save the software. You can save it to your desktop.
  2. As you can see in the image below, the download is completed and the file decoding process is finished. Now your software file is ready.
  3. You can see that the zip file has been created at the download site. You can extract this zip file into a folder with a program like winrar.
  4. Software files can be 5 as well as a single file sometimes. You can install this Stock ROM that you have downloaded, as we explained in our article, Stock Rom Firmware Installation Guide for Samsung Phones with Odin.
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