How to Recover Dropped iPhone in Water?

What to do if thought the phone into the water? How to recover water falling phone? What should be done when the phone is thought to water or when it gets wet? How does the phone fall into the sea or water? What to do with the phone falling into water? What should I do when my phone fell in the water?

What to do if thought the phone into the water?

Technology is developing day by day, but there are some situations where technology does not like. one of these conditions is water. Nowadays, most phones are now water resistant, so water does not penetrate into certain depths or is not affected by water for short periods. However, in the pocket of our pocket, we entered the sea with a mobile phone and we exposed the phone to water for a long time. In addition, what should be done in such cases when we consider most water-resistant phones? we will describe some methods. How to Recover a Phone by Water?

Golden Rule: Immediately remove the phone from the water and close it

  • When the phone is in contact with water, time is very important.
  • If your phone falls into water or spills liquid on it, the faster you turn off contact with water, the faster you remove it from water, the better your chances of recovery.
  • As soon as you remove the phone from the water, press and hold the power button and turn the phone off. DO NOT OPEN if your device is already switched off.
  • Contact with water when the device is working will cause a short circuit will damage the device.
  • After turning off the device, remove the sim tray and remove the sim card from the phone. Then shake the phone and let the water come out.

Step 2: Remove the battery and the SIM card

  • If the phone battery can be removed, remove the battery from the phone and dry it.
  • For more questions, remove the SIM card from the phone. Dry the battery and the sim card with a cloth.
  • Removing the battery allows the power parts to be cut off and this minimizes the risk.

Step 3: Dry with hair dryer marina

After closing your phone, dry it quickly with a cloth. Especially dry the holes in the phone. Some phones can not be opened with the hair dryer marina drying process will not be very healthy, but remove the Sim card tray, speakerphone, headphone input, such as usb input, the hair dryer with the medium hot and medium blowing mode drying process. If you are technically equipped and can open the phone’s door. It is better to dry this way.

Suya Düşen Telefon Nasıl Kurtarılır?

Step 4: Hold the phone in the rice

Although rice may be called as an urban legend, rice has the ability to collect moisture. You know, when our mothers are cooking, they say they took the rice water. Here rice pulls water or moisture around you friends. If you removed the phone and the battery for at least 10 hours, if left for two days in a bag that can be closed in the rice for two days, or the lid can be closed in a container that can be closed. It is important that the bag or container is not aired.

Suya Düşen Telefon Nasıl Kurtarılır?

Depending on how long your phone stays in the water, the time it takes to stay in the rice will be extended. If you have been in the water for a long time you should keep it in the rice for days

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