GTA 4 Cheats

GTA 4 Cheats

Grand Theft Auto: IV, since one of the legendary games of Rockstar Games can be played both according to episodes/quests and as open world, people love this game very much. Also, you can activate cheating codes which increases the excitement of the game. But what are the GTA 4 Cheats Codes?  Here we share the list, have fun!

How to Apply GTA San Andreas Cheat Codes?

GTA 4 Cheat codes Press [Up] on your keyboard during the game and turn on Niko’s mobile phone. Press the [Up] button again to enter a number on Niko’s mobile phone. Then, enter the number of one of the tricks you want below. When you enter the number correctly, Niko is activated when the phone is put in his ear and he says “Cheat Activated” in the upper left corner. Then there will be a new menu called kullan Cheats on the phone.

GTA 4 Cheats

Player and World Cheats:

Full Health + Armor362 555 0100
Full Health + Armor + Ammo482 555 0100
Weapons Level 1486 555 0100
Weapons Level 2486 555 0150
Reset Police Search Level267 555 0100
Increase Police Search Level267 555 0150
Change Weather and Light468 555 0100
Gives the name of the song you are listening to.948-555-0100

Car Cheats:

Annihilator (Police Helicopter)359 555 0100
Cognoscenti Car227 555 0142
Comet Car227 555 0175
FBI Buffalo227 555 0100
Jetmax Boat938 555 0100
NRG-900 Motorcycle625 555 0100
Sanchez Motorcycle625 555 0150
SuperGT Car227 555 0168
Turismo Car227 555 0147

Note: When you activate cheats, you may be prevented from gaining some achievements in the game.

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