Install Stock Rom with LG UP, Install LG KDZ Firmware

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LG Model The software installation tool of the devices is LG UP. Under this heading you can find all versions of LG UP as well as current versions.

What is LG UP?

LG UP is the Program / Tool for installing LG branded, KDZ, DZ software packages. With LG UP Stock rom is installed ie original software. Stock Rom Packages are usually KDZ extensions.

With LG UP, you can install KDZ software on LG G8, LG G7, LG G6, LG G5, LG G4, LG G3, LG V20, LG V10, LG V30, LG V40.

Download LG UP

LG Mobile Driver > Download

UPPERCUT_1.0.0.0  / Alternative
LG UP v1.14.0.3  / Alternative
LG UP v1.11.2.0 / Alternative

LGUP_common.dll v1.0.31.9 / Alternative

Download LG UP DLL

LGUP_common.dll v1.0.31.9 / Alternative
LGUP_common.dll v1.0.28.9 Download / Alternative

LGUP 8994 DLL v0.0.4.4 Download / Alternative
LGUP 8994 DLL v0.0.3.23 Download / Alternative
LGUP 8994 DLL v0.0.1.18 Download / Alternative
LGUP 8974 DLL v0.3.19.15 Download / Alternative
LGUP 8916 DLL v0.0.3.28 Download / Alternative

LGH860 DLL Download / Alternative
LGH850v2 DLL Download / Alternative
LGH850v1 DLL Download / Alternative
LGH830 DLL Download / Alternative

Download LG Flash Tool

LG Flash Tool 2014  / Alternative
LG Flash Tool v2.0.1.6 Patched / Alternative
KDZ Updater Europe Open / Alternative

Using LG UP

Download LG Flash TOOL, Download Latest LG UP

Warnings / Precautions
  • Before installing with LG UP Back up the information on your device.
  • If you load Rom or boot with LG UP, your device will be out of warranty.
  • When installing with LG UP, do not do anything other than the operations you are told.
  • Otherwise your device may be bootloop or the Main board may burn.
  • Do not make any other settings than you are told.
Useful resources:

Install Stock Rom with LG UP [Install LG KDZ Firmware]

LG Root

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