WordPress Ping Services List 2023, Latest WordPress Ping Services List 2023, WordPress Updated Ping List 2023

Hello Dear visitor, we are sharing the current and running list of ping services for you. In short, ping services are the services that increase the speed of indexing of Web Sites. In a way, when you share a new post, it is proof that it was first published on the site. And it indexes the search engines faster and higher.

Biggest plus is that the article that you publish is copied by some bots or people immediately and prevents you from indexing before you. So that it doesn’t waste all your effort to be stolen.

Ping services are areas with large amounts of data storage. The content entered on your site will then send a request to these ping services. Informing them that the update has been updated and that a new post has been entered to inform the corresponding ping. In this way, search engines to your site by reaching the robot bots quickly indexing your data is provided.

You can use the SendPing function in .asp .aspx and .php languages to use these services and to perform them within your site. You can get information from your software developer or do google research on this topic.

In WordPress, this feature is supported. simply go to the Wp-Admin panel and enter the ına Writing liste menu in the Settings menu and enter the current ping service list in the list field under leri Update Services girerek and save the changes.

Wordpress Ping Services List

WordPress Ping Services List

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