Android Phone Overheating Problem Solution

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Android Phone Overheating Problem

As you know, electronic circuits work with electricity. These electric currents cause a certain amount of heating, especially since there are many transistors in chips and processors. Especially as phone processors get stronger, heating problems increase. Some phone manufacturers have even added fans to their gaming-focused phones.

As the use of phones for gaming increases, heating problems also increase. Especially in the summer months, with the increase in temperatures, our devices show more warming. However, although the heat increases in processes that use high resources, sometimes software and hardware technical problems in our phone can also cause heating. In this case, the phone will generate heat not only in the game, but even in normal use. Here are the warning messages that you may encounter with similar heating problems:

Your devices is overheating. Mobile data, Wi-Fi hotspots, GPS and camera will be restricted.

1 Application has been closed. Your device is overheating. You can only make emergency calls until your device has cooled down.

Your phone is overheating. Close this application immediately. the app will close automatically after 1 minute and all unsaved data will be lost.

So, what could be the reason for the heating in the phone, let’s explain them in items. In addition, we will explain in detail how to follow a path and how we can produce a solution. We recommend that you read the entire article.

There may be malicious apps on the phone

Harmful applications that you have installed on your phone or installed without your knowledge may exploit the system in the background and cause your phone to overheat. For this, you need to review the applications installed on your phone and identify the applications that consume the most energy.

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Find the apps that consume the most battery

If you have a malicious application on your mobile and you are not aware of it, chances are it has consumed too much battery in the background. In order to detect this, you should look at the list of applications that consume the most battery in the Battery usage section. Thus, if an application that you do not know in this list has consumed power, you can uninstall that application. For this: You can access battery usage data from Settings > Battery & performance.

Find the apps that consume the most battery

Restart your Android device

Android devices may cause instabilities on the phone after long periods of use. The solution to this is to restart the phone regularly. We recommend restarting your phone or tablet at least once a week. Thus, since the system will be renewed, it will become more secure.

Android Phone Overheating: Ventilate your phone

Ventilation and expulsion of hot air are very important for electronic devices. For this, it would be more accurate to play in a cool environment in powerful operations such as games on your phone. When you play with the phone in a hot environment, it will overheat the phone, just like fueling a fire. Using the phone hot for a long time will damage the phone. In addition, there are phone fans produced for this job. You can use these fans to cool your phone a little bit.

Remove the protective cover

Although we use cases to protect the phone from dropping and impacts; they cause your phone to get hotter in hot summer months. Because it will be like you have wrapped the phone with a blanket. You can remove your cover while playing games, especially in summer. If you want to use a cover, you can choose perforated protective covers.

Stay away from humid environments

The main enemy of electronic circuits is liquid contact. Although you do not drop your phone into water, you may expose the phone to liquid contact indirectly. One of the most important reasons for this is humid environments. Reasons such as exposing the phone to saliva by small children or using the phone in the bathroom can cause hardware problems and eventually overheating warning on the phone.

Android Phone Overheating Problem Solution

Use the phone at low screen brightness

The higher the screen brightness on your phone, the warmer the device will be. For this, it will be useful to increase the brightness of the screen in sunny areas and to reduce the brightness of the screen in shadow and dark environments. In addition, you will reduce the temperature of the battery and ensure that your charge lasts longer.

Do not use while the phone is charging

We do not recommend that you plug in the phone and play while it is charging. Because both current is supplied to the battery and current is drawn, it will cause the battery to heat up. Also, playing while the phone is charging will cause freezing and stuttering. For this, it would be better to be patient and wait for the phone to charge. This will also extend your battery life.

Android Phone Overheating Problem Solution

Use original or quality chargers

As long as you use your phone with the original adapter, there is no problem. However, if you lost your original charger or it is broken, when you use an equivalent charger and this adapter is not of good quality, it will damage the phone hardware. And in this case, it can cause problems such as heating etc. on the phone.

Technical and Software Issues

If the heating problem continues on your phone and you continue to receive the “Overheating” warning, there is a high probability that there is a technical or software problem on the phone. Chronic manufacturing errors and faulty updates on the phone can also make your phone unusable. Although manufacturers do not accept this, manufacturing and software errors can cause high temperature problems. For this, it is useful to check some steps.

Android Phone Overheating Problem Solution

Update your phone software

First of all, we will focus on the possibility that it may be a software problem. To do this, check for updates for your phone and update your phone software if available.

  1. Go to your phone’s Settings.
  2. Then tap About device.
  3. Here you will see the option to check for updates.
  4. Tap the Check for updates button and update your phone if there are new updates.

Problematic and faulty updates

Although updates are released to improve the system, sometimes not fully optimized software updates can cause phone errors and eventually hardware failures. In this case, although the fault lies with the producer, it is difficult to accept it.

Reset the phone to factory settings

Reset the phone to factory settings

If your phone still has problems and the Android Phone Overheating problem persists, you can try to factory reset your phone as a last resort. Do not forget to backup all data before doing these operations. Because all data will be deleted. We have some guides on how to reset your phone, you can use these guides. Don’t forget! These resets only work on original phones. You may experience network problems if you reset tampered devices.

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