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How to Hard Reset Xiaomi Phones? Factory Settings. How to Reset Xiaomi Phone Models? Xiaomi Factory Reset, Reset Guide. How to hard reset Xiaomi devices?

In what cases is the phone reset?

Your Android phone may get heavy over time or you may experience some software problems. These are usually Android system interface has stopped, Android camera has stopped etc. When you get various errors, formatting the phone, ie Hard reset, can solve your software problems. These types of situations are usually encountered when upgrading the phone software and changing the ROM.

There are two ways to go in these situations. These are the ways to reset the phone to its factory settings, ie soft reset and hard reset. As you know, we can turn phones into factory settings from the settings section. However, sometimes this is not enough to solve our problems. However, when Xiaomi phones are not turned on or stuck in the Xiaomi logo or for Xiaomi screen unlock; Phones using Android have a recovery mode called Recovery Mode. Thanks to this mode, we can hard reset our phone in Xiaomi format.

Before you hard reset the phone, so before resetting the phone, your charge should be above 50%. Don’t forget to back up your information on the phone. Don’t forget especially the phone book, your messages and internal storage. In addition, the games you played and the chapters you passed will be deleted.

How to Format Xiaomi Phones

Xiaomi phones can be formatted in two ways. Soft reset and Hard reset. The most comprehensive method that can fix their problems and the method that will completely reset the phone is Hard reset.

Soft Reset:

For Formatting Xiaomi Phones, go to Settings on your phone and you can reset your Xiaomi phone to factory settings by following the path About phone > Backup & reset > Delete all data (factory reset) > Delete all data.

How to Hard Reset Xiaomi Phones

Hard Reset:

In order to perform a hard reset, you need to put your phone into Recovery Mode, ie recovery mode. Now we will explain how to get in Recovery Mode for Xiaomi Phones. If you could not enter recovery mode; The process of taking into Recovery Mode may differ in older Model Xiaomi. For this, learn how to get your model in Recovery Mode on the Internet and get it in Recovery Mode.

How to Hard Reset Xiaomi Phones

  1. Turn off the phone completely by pressing the Power button.
  2. Press the volume up key and the Power key until the phone startup screen appears and the LOGO is displayed. When the phone vibrates and the Xiaomi logo appears, release the keys.
  3. Move to the “Wipe data” option with the volume keys and press the “Power” key to select it.
  4. After the deletion process, it will return to the Recovery screen. Move over the “Reboot” button with the volume keys and press the Power key. Your phone will turn on.
  5. Since all settings are deleted when the phone is turned on, you should install it. Language selection etc. After selecting the options, the phone will appear as you first bought it.
Are your phone problems gone?

Although you hard reset your phone, you are still getting software problems and crashes. As a last resort, you can install Stock ROM on the phone. So you can restore everything back by installing new original firmware on your phone.

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